For over 200 year Australian wool growers have been perfecting their flocks to become what is internationally recognised as the world’s expert wool growing nation.

Safe, healthy and breathable, Wool is naturally antimicrobial, fire retardant, and non allergenic. Acting as a natural insulator, Wool maintains an even body temperature as you sleep, keeping you
warm through the chilly winters and cool in the heat of summer.

As you would be aware, customers are becoming more conscious of the benefits of using natural, organic and accredited products. Due to this shift, Wool Products Australia Pty Ltd have proudly become certified participants in associations which give the customer a guarantee they are purchasing a quality product.

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We are proud associates of the following organisations :


NuÉ-Approved By Nature

Being certified with the Oeko Tex organization means you can assure your customer that the product is free from any nasty chemicals associated with fabrics and fibres along with being manufactured in accordance with the best environmentally processes.

It is the global standard for textile goods that are free from harmful substances and are manufactured in accordance with best environmental practices.

  • Contain no allergenic or carcinogenic dye stuffs
  • Contain no organic carriers
  • Contain no biologically active finishes
  • Have been tested for the release of heavy metals under artificial perspiration conditions
  • Contain no Formaldehyde
  • Have a skin friendly PH


NuÉ-Approved By Nature

Wool Products Australia Pty Ltd carefully selects the best quality Australian Wool that embodies Environmental, Social and Animal welfare standards. The wool is known as “Nué Wool”.

The soft density, durability and warmth of Nué wool, together with its hydrophilic nature, facilitates moisture absorption and releases it into the air as vapor, ensuring the perfect mix for maximum comfort.

Committed to best animal husbandry practices, Nué farmers ensure their sheep are well nourished, healthy and protected from the elements and predators at all times. These sheep grow a new high quality fleece each year, thriving on open farmlands under the care of the proud Nué wool growers. The result is a fibre this is the natural choice in bedding for a restful night’s sleep.

As Nué wool is traceable all the way back to the Australian farms where the sheep graze, Wool Products know they are getting the best quality wool from the best farms. The Nué wool is carefully shorn and prepared annually by a skilled shearing team. It is then monitored throughout the supply chain to ensure its integrity is maintained all the way through to the finished quilt.

Nué wool is a natural, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable fibre, grown by dedicated farmers who are stewards of their flocks and their land, farming for today, tomorrow and for the future.


NuÉ-Approved By Nature

As part of our commitment to supplying high quality products, we are proud associates of the Sheep to Shelf movement. This concept allows the customer to be told exactly where the wool fibre in their product came from and therefore gives the customer the complete ability to trace the complete supply chain. Only certified factories are able to provide the S2S traceability and we are proud that we are one of them.

Our source of wool details the location of each grower along with their farm practices and as partners, provides complete transparacny of the manufacturing process. This system creates a clear channel between the grower, the factory and the end consumer making it a channel of accountability and integrity.